Interface Overview


The IsItUp Fixed Asset Management platform has an easy-to-use and very intuitive system which you can easily get familiar with in a jiffy.

Upon logging in, you will end up seeing the Dashboard which gives you an overview of the most recent activities done in your instance.

Each instance includes the following tabs with their corresponding functions:

  • My Assets

This will show the user which assets are assigned to him.

  • Asset Management

As the core component of the site, Asset Management will let you organise your asset inventory and stay in control of all details and statuses of your assets.

  • User Management

Sometimes, you just need people to assist you in monitoring your assets which is why we give you the power to get everybody in your company on board. You can add, edit and remove users anytime as long as you are the Account Owner or a user with Instance Admin privileges.

  • Raspberry Pi Device

Network-connected fixed assets can now be easily monitored using Raspberry Pis. You just need to plug in a Raspberry Pi in your network and we can get all those devices and equipment online in your instance.

Note: Raspberry Pi devices is provided by IsItUp and is sold separately.

  • My Network

What Raspberry Pis discover, this section collects. Here, you can easily check all the networks the Raspberry pi has discovered and which devices are attached to these networks. No need to manually enter -- adding network-connected devices is as seamless as it could be.

  • Reports 

Reports shows a comprehensive analysis of the assets of your company. You can generate reports per user, category, QR code, by company, location, by employees or status.  


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