Editing Users


Editing of user information can be done only by Account Owners and Instance Admins.

This is made possible so as to cater the needs of changing names, employee IDs, roles and account status of any user.

Note: Only Account Owners can change their basic account information in the User Management module with the exception of the role. On the other hand, Instance Admins can only edit users below their user level and cannot edit Account Owners and users of a similar role.


To edit a user, simply:

1. Click on the User Management module on the left navigation panel.

2. When at the User Management page, find the user you would like to edit the account information and click Edit User under Action buttons.

3. Once you click Edit, a popup dialog box will appear containing all the basic account information of the user.


Here you may:

  • Edit the user's First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Company, Department and Role
  • Modify account status by clicking the Disable button for active users or Resend Activation Email button for pending users and Activate button for disabled/inactive accounts.

For any changes, click Save to store the data or Cancel to disregard any modification.