How a Raspberry Pi Works in an IsItup System


After purchasing a Raspberry Pi, you will need to install and load the IsItUp Pi Software into its SD card. The Raspberry Pi should then be attached to your network after software installation and once it connects to the internet, it will request registration to the IsItUp server and send over its MAC address.

To register it, you will need:

  • The MAC address of your Raspberry Pi
  • Existing Instance
  • Admin privileges

Once it's all setup and registered, the Raspberry Pi will then execute network and device discovery in your network. This means that your whole network, where a Raspberry Pi is attached to, will be scanned to check for devices which can be added as assets.

Depending on your subscription limits, the Raspberry Pi will perform a continuous cycle of networks scans -- known as scan interval -- unless it gets disabled or completely deleted from the Instance.

Every time a Raspberry Pi requests for Jobs and/or sends over network activity updates, My Network will be populated with the required network information along with a list of all devices connected to it will be displayed.