Registering a Raspberry Pi


This help document applies to users with a Raspberry Pi device and an admin account (Account Owner or Asset Admin) to proceed. You will need to attach the Raspberry Pi to your network and connect it to the internet to facilitate registration.


To add a Raspberry Pi to your IsItUp, simply:

1. Login as either an Account Owner or Admin to your site address.

2. Navigate to the IsItUp Raspberry Pi module located on the left side of the dashboard.

3. Once you're on the Raspberry Pi Devices page, click on the Add Raspberry Pi button.

4. A popup dialog box which requires necessary fields should appear.



Here, you will need to enter all the information to kickstart your Raspberry Pi. The MAC address can be found on the box you received upon purchase and the Scan Interval should be as your subscription plan's minimum limit.

After saving, the device should appear as active and it will now scan your network as per the scan interval settings.


To view discovered networks and devices, go to the My Network page.



  • In order for you to register a Raspberry Pi in an Instance, you will need to purchase one first. If you had not done so yet, please chat with us here or email for more help.
  • A Raspberry Pi can only be registered to a single Instance at a time. If you plan on using it on another Instance, you will need to delete it from the current then re-register on the new Instance.