IsItUp allows admins/owners to manage the way a company's assets are organized using the following data: 

1. Location - the physical site of a particular asset which can be linked to a Network; included in the Forms for Asset Management; one of the Asset Details.

2. Suppliers - is the one who provides the company or organization the items/assets/device they own; a mediator between the manufacturer and company; one of the asset details. 

3. Company - a business entity included in an IsItUp account to manage and keep track of assets; an Account Owner can add multiple companies for a single account; the term could also acts as a detail for billing; the owners of Company-owned assets.

4. Category - main classification of assets; appears on the IsItUp side menu. 

5. Asset Types - sub classification of assets.


Take note that only certain roles can manage the settings. Click here to view which roles can manage settings.