Inviting Users


Adding Users into the Instance

There are two ways where you can add a user into the Instance using the User Management module. It could be through Single Invite or Bulk Invite.


All User Management activities can only be accessible by user roles such as the Account Owner and Instance Admin.


  • Single Invite

Users can be added one by one using the Single Invite method. From here, you can choose the role you want to assign to a user and input required details to identify the individual you need to invite. You have the choice to immediately send the activation email or delay it at a later date and/or time.



  • Bulk Invite

To keep you from the tedious task of adding 20 or more users one by one, we give you the Bulk Invite option. Here, you will just need to enter the email addresses of the users you would like to invite all at once. Same with Single Invite, you can delay sending the activation code to these users anytime you like.



User Activation

After sending out invitations, users will receive emails which contain links that will guide them to verify their email and initiate access to their accounts.

If the user does not activate within the 7-day validity period, the links will be unavailable and they will need to contact their Account Owner or Instance Admin for a new activation link.