Deleting Raspberry Pis


Deleting a Raspberry Pi from the system will completely remove the device along with all of its information and connected networks.

Admin user roles such as the Account Owner, Instance Admin and Asset Admin only have privileges to remove a Raspberry Pi off an Instance.


To delete a Raspberry Pi device, simply:

1. Login as either an Account Owner or Instance Admin to your site address.

2. Navigate to the IsItUp Raspberry Pi module located on the left side of the dashboard.

3. Once you're on the Raspberry Pi Devices page, click on the device name of the Raspberry Pi to expand the device information section.

4. When the device information area of the Raspberry Pi you want to delete has expanded, click on the Delete button to proceed.

After clicking the delete button, a popup window will appear which will ask confirmation to delete the device.

5. Click OK to remove.