Adding Devices as Assets


One of the purposes of integrating Raspberry Pis and network connection to fixed asset management is the ability of the user to add network-attached equipment and devices as company assets.

We give you the flexibility of discovering all network devices in your location then add or delete them as assets whenever you want, wherever you are.


To add a device as an asset, simply:

1. Login as an Account Owner, Instance Admin or Asset Admin.

2. Navigate to My Network from left navigation pane.

3. From the main page of the My Network, find the device you need to add as an asset. You may need to select from a list of your networks or use the search field to locate the device you need.

4. After selecting a device you wish to transfer as an asset, click on the Edit button ().

5. When the device information popup window appears, you will need to click Add as Assetbutton.

Once you have clicked Add as Asset, you will then be taken to the Add Asset form similar to below: